TAKAHASHI's all-natural seasoning agents

We are a Japanese seasoning agent manufacturer seeking for safety of foods and devoting ourselves to manufacturing of organic foods as well. In addition to all-natural sauces known as the name of Country Harvest - Organic 100, we manufactures products such as tomato ketchup and dressings. Our plant has obtained ISO22000

Tonkatsu sauce
Chuno source
Worcestershire sauce
Okonomiyaki source
Takoyaki source
Tomato ketchup
Organic dressing
Organic sugar
Vegetable juice

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Trend Products

Organic sauce
With full of fruity flavor, standard sauce of organic 100 series is highly recommendable!

Organic tomato ketchup
Unprecedented mouth-filling taste based on original flavor of organic tomato!

Organic dressings
Organic dressing series based on new concept with a lineup of four types!

TAKAHASHI SAUCE Co., Ltd. Country Harvest. 604-7 Shimonodo Honjo city, Saitama, 367-0063 JAPAN